The promising kids of rich celebrities

We consider ourselves lucky for being born in the world, but these kids are luckier for being born with rich and famous parents. With that said, they are predicted to have promising and successful careers in the future just like their parents. Learn who these children of famous celebrities are.

1. The Legaspi Twins

The children of Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel named Mavy and Cassy, are very good-looking just like their parents. At an early age, they already have endorsements for different brands as seen in the print and TV ads together with their parents.

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2. Nate Alcasid

Nate is the only son of prominent OPM singers Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez.

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3. Aquino kids

The list wouldn’t be complete without the sons of Kris Aquino, Bimby, and Joshua. The kids of veteran actress and host Kris Aquino are also the nephews of former President Aquino and the grandkids of former President Cory and Ninoy Aquino. Kris Aquino is reported to be among the country’s highest taxpayers. This means her net worth is worth is millions!

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4. Dominique Cojuangco

Dominique got a degree in fashion in London. She is the daughter of Gretchen Barreto with the long-time partner business tycoon, Tonyboy Cojuangco.

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5. Baby Zia Dantes

Four-year-old Zia is the firstborn daughter of celebrity couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, Baby Letizia Dantes for short “Baby zia.” As early as four, Zia already is making tons of money as her net worth alone is higher than her parents, according to her mom Marian.

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6. Connor Consunji

Former beauty queen and blogger Maggie Wilson bore adorable Connor to husband real estate tycoon, Victor Consunji.

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7. Scarlet Snow Belo

Scarlet’s mom is the renowned beauty surgeon Vicki Belo, who owns 13 clinics in the Philippines under the Belo medical group. Most of her patients are popular celebrities. She is hailed one of the richest women in the country according to Forbes.

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8. Julianna Gomez

Julianna Gomez is the millennial daughter of actor and Mayor of Ormoc Richard Gomez and actress-politician, Lucy Torres.

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9. Pacquiao kids

Senator and internationally renowned boxing champion Manny Pacquiao have five kids, namely, Michael, Emmanuel, Israel, Mary Divine Grace, and Queen Elizabeth with wife Jinkee.

photo source: GMA

10. The Pangilinan kids

Sharon Cuneta’s kids include KC Concepcion from former husband Gabby Concepcion and Frankie, Miel and Miguel who are her kids from Senator Pangilinan. They are all cool, smart, and talented children.

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11. Lorin and Venica

We watched these two grow up on the side of a former beauty queen and actress Ruffa Gutirrez from Turkish husband, Yilmaz Bektas who is a successful businessman. They are now young adults.

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12. Kramer Kids

We are able to get to know and love these kids, Kendra, Scarlet and Gavin as we watch their day-to-day lives in their vlog. They are the daughters and son of PBA star Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia.

photo source: GMA

13. Atasha and Andres Mulach

Actor Aga Mulach and former Binibining Pilipinas Universe Charlene Gonzales bore two mini version of themselves. Their children Atasha and Andres Muhlach are the spitting images of their mom and dad.

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14. Zion

Baby Zio just turned a “Kuya” recently when his father celebrity Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati had given birth to baby Kai. Zion is a handsome baby. He got some of his features from his beautiful mom and dad.

photo source: GMA

15. Agoncillo kids

The three kids of Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos are Yohan, Lancho, and Luna.

photo source: GMA

16. Inigo Pascual

Inigo entered showbiz like his father Piolo Pascual. Piolo is a famous actor and model.

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17. Olivia Manzano-Reyes

Olivia is the firstborn daughter of businessman and creative director GP Reyes and Dj of Magic 89.9 Andi Manzano. She is the favorite of her beautiful aunts, Bella, Sofia and Angela Manzano.

photo source: GMA

18. Anielle and Jean Pingris

Danica Sotto-Pingris and basketball star Marc Pingris’ have two kids, Anielle Micaela and Jean Michael.

photo source: GMA

19. Ysabella Larrazabal

Ysabella just turned 18 and she celebrated it with a Disney’s Beauty and the Beast-themed party. Wearing a beautiful yellow gown, she turned out to be a lovely debutant. Ysabella is as gorgeous as her famous mom, Donna Cruz. Donna Cruz’s husband is a famous ophthalmologist based in Cebu.

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20. Baby Tali Sotto

Baby “Tali” short for Talitha is the youngest daughter of Bossing Vic Sotto and celebrity Pauleen Luna.

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Who do you think will become the most successful of them all in the future? Who is your favorite? Write your answers and insights on the box.

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