OFW Was Forced To Go Back Home Because His Beloved Wife Got Pregnant By A Stranger!

Overseas Filipino Workers have to endure the pain of being away from their families to give them a better life. However, while being away, they do not know what is really happening in their home lands. Sometimes, they get betrayed by the people they trust.

Apparently, Pablito Gragasin’s wife found another guy while he was in Saudi. The new lover of the OFW’s wife, named RJ used to be a boarder at their house. He had objected on accepting a guy to board in their home, but the wife insisted. He could not do anything since he was away.

While Pablito was working hard abroad, his wife together with her lover went to Tagaytay. RJ drove his wife, children, and in-law to stroll around the place. The wife even called him to ask for permission and that was when he felt something was not right.

Pablito decided to go home for his child’s graduation. Before he landed in the Philippines, he learned that the tenant who was staying at their house had already left. However, after a month of vacation, he had to go back overseas. He later learned that his wife actually fetched RJ from a mall after accompanying him to the airport.

Moreover, it was revealed that the RJ had gotten Pablito’s wife pregnant. Despite being cheated on, the OFW had it in him to forgive his wife. He decided to just take in the baby who was not his and go back to the Philippines.

The married couple had an agreement that the wife would stop communicating with RJ. Sadly, she still does and it was a big problem for Pablito. He then decided to take the matters to Raffy Tulfo’s show.


Tulfo advised that he could get the cheating wife and her lover arrested.


Pablito got emotional as he said that his children are having difficulies in sleeping because of that. He also said that he loved his wife.


However, Raffy told the OFW that the woman is not worth it. The host said that Pablito could find a woman who would not only love him but also his children. He deserved someone faithful and not a woman who would just probably stab him at the back again.

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Binuntis ng boarder si misis.Pagiging salawahan may basbas pa sa biyenan. Pero handang magpakamartir si mister.ANO ANG PAYO NINYO?

Posted by Raffy Tulfo in Action on Friday, March 24, 2017

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