Man gets video of massive hailstones falling from the sky in Oklahoma

Tornado alley is the term given to the flat areas of the United States like Oklahoma, Kansas, or Texas that experience destructive tornadoes on a regular basis. Vulnerable residents are used to the extreme weather condition of their locale and are experts in preparing for the storms. But they still get shaky for their safety and security inside their shelter whenever sudden weather occurrences can get unexpectedly intense.

Because of the extreme weather conditions in the area, it’s normal for locals to hide in their basements whenever the weather gets really bad.

Tornadoes are some of the most devastating weather phenomenon in the world and they only normally occur in Tornado Alley. Hail is also dangerous and often accompany Tornadoes since they both are made from rapidly growing thunderstorms. A cumulonimbus thunder head can reach several kilometers high with hailsones the size of apples. A resident documented the jaw-dropping destruction left by a hail storm in Oklahoma.

The video began with the skies ominously darkening above his home. Trees were swaying due to the forceful winds that accompanied the coming storm. In the video you can see splashing in his pool as massive hailstones fell from the sky. There was also debris brought by the wind from all over the neighborhood.

It’s unclear if these man taking the video has lived in Tornado Alley for long, but it’s a safe bet that after seeing hailstones that made it seem like the sky was falling, it was truly a sight to see. And luckily he was indoors, I can only imagine what would happen to a person stuck out in the field in the middle of such violence. Its scary to learn that mother nature could bring such unimaginable and destructive fury.

Watch Video here:

Do you have relatives who have encountered an intense storm such as this? What can the resident do more for safety during extreme weather occurrences? Write your insights and comments below.

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