A Dog’s Vengeance

Some people get annoyed with stray animals. It may be because of a bad experience that involves them, or maybe you are just not into them. Whatever the reason is, the general rule is to never hurt them.

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A driver in Chongqing, China, home after a vacation, found a dog lying on his usual parking space. Annoyed with what he saw, he kicked the dog to shoo it away. Startled, the dog ran away. In relief, the driver was able to get the parking space that he wanted.

However, he did not know that the dog will return with his pack of strays. They chewed the driver’s car, leaving dents, scratches and a broken wiper. The dog was determined to give the driver some justice.

photo by dailymail

This incident was captured by a lucky neighbor.

Dogs are very intelligent animals. They are capable of understanding signs and gestures and they are as intelligent as a two-year-old kid. The driver has nobody else to blame but himself.

photo by dailymail

This topic is of growing interest in China because they have limited animal cruelty laws and standards. Animal-rights activists from China and all over the world condemn how some Chinese people treat animals. A city in China even have this annual tradition called “Yulin Dog Meat Festival” wherein they practice eating dog meat. A lot of people are against this practice.

photo by dailymail

Who do you think is wrong, the dog or the driver? Do you accept this kind of animal treatment? Share what you think below!

Source: dailymail

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