List Of The Top 10 Handsome Pinoy Actors Who Are Accused Of Being Gay!

Filipino actors tend to make their fans go crazy over them with just one smile. They bring you moments of pure ‘kilig’ when they act with their fellow love team partners in movies or series. But rumors are going around that not everyone is as straight as their characters are in the big screen. Who are these handsome men believed to like other handsome men?

1. Mark Bautista

The singer who was linked before to Sarah Geronimo was reported to be a reason why the real-life couple KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual did not work. Only it wasn’t KC he was after but her leading man, Piolo Pascual.


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2. Paolo Ballesteros

Due to his internationally famous make-up transormations and questionable sense of fashion, people claim that Paolo Ballesteros is gay. Now with an award-winning performance in ‘Die Beautiful’ where he plays a gay man, plus posts spreading pictures of him and his alleged boyfriend, can the rumors be true?


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3. Erik Santos

The reason why people say that Erik Santos is gay is because they have never seen him in a relationship with any woman. Erik denies these claims, saying that he has dated Ruffa Mae Quinto and Angeline Quinto.


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4. Prince Estefan

Prince Estefan is a GMA Network Talent that went over to ABS CBN. There were claims that he was dating or in a relationship with model, Ian Batherson. But Estefan quickly denied the rumors.


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5. Sam Milby

Yes, Sam Milby. Entertainment writer Lolit Solis said last 2007 that actors, Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual were dating. The pair was seen to be very sweet with each other. But we know that Sam Milby has a girlfriend, Mari Jasmine, and he also dated Anne Curtis, who he said in a Boy Abunda Interview was his greatest love.


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6. Martin del Rosario


The actor is known for his gay roles. This has also sparked the opinions of other people insisting that he is gay. There were also pictures of the actor being intimate with men that netizens have gathered. Martin, though, denies all of these allegations.

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7. Arron Villaflor

Ogie Diaz once said in a video that actor Arron Villaflor was indeed gay. The actor did not confirm nor deny this accusation, in fact, he didn’t react at all.


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8. Enchong Dee

Enchong Dee is one of the actors that females are going crazy for, not only because of his superb body but also because of his talent. But one photo seemed to question his sexuality, captured looking dreamily over Piolo Pascual, people began to speculate that Enchong might be gay.


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9. Alden Richards

Alden Richards, despite being in a successful love team with Maine Mendoza, got his fair share of gay rumors when he was pictured being cozy and intimate with Derek Monasterio.


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10. Piolo Pascual

Piolo Pascual is one actor that has always been accused of being gay. He was linked to his co-actors and his break-up with KC Concepcion fueled the gay fire. Even though there is so much backlash directed to him, the actor has denied all rumors about him being gay.

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What did you think about our list? Are there other actors we might’ve missed? Do you believe that these handsome men are straight or do you think they are the opposite? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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