Ghost Ship Was Found Sailing Unmanned in the Ocean for at Least 38 Years

What comes to your mind when you read the term “ghost ship?” It generally refers to a ghostly vision or a phantom of a ship that was believed to have sunk a long time ago.

Although the term “ghost ship” seems like something paranormal it is a nautical term for a ship that is floating adrift without any crew members. There are numerous reasons why a crew would choose to abandon a floating vessel and it usually doesn’t involve anything supernatural.

According to The Sun, a ship called SS Baychimo was seen in the oceans for at least 38 years. That’s a long time but apparently, it was built in 1914. It became part of the British Hudson Bay Company in 1921.

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The year after it was built, the source cited that the Baychimo got “lost” and was “set off on a solo voyage.” It was built in Sweden and it was originally named the Ångermanelfven.

It sailed to Hamburg but after World War 1, the ship moved to Scotland’s port, where it became part of the British Hudson Bay Company.

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It sailed as far as the coast of Canada, where it carried furs, tobacco, sugar, tea, and weapons. In the late months of 1931, the ship was trapped “in the ice off the coast of Alaska.” The crew was rescued by airplanes.

However, not all of them volunteered to go. Some stayed and behind and decided to keep an eye on the ship, for some reason.

These men built temporary shelters located half a mile away from the beach and settled there throughout the winter season.

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Originally, they wanted to wait until summer for the ice to melt so that they could take the ship to its home port. Unfortunately, the weather was not in their favor. The temperature rose and melted the ice but a huge storm came in the area.

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The remaining crew was stuck in their temporary shelters for three whole days. When they got out to view the boat, it was already gone.

The report noted:

“Everyone assumed the SS Baychimo had sunk, but a few days later an Inuit seal hunter spotted her floating about 45 miles away.”

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“The ship’s Captain, Sydney Cornwell, caught up with her and decided to unload the cargo as he felt she was no longer safe. The crew left her floating in the arctic ocean.”

Apparently, the ship was sighted in oceans after that incident. It was last seen in 1969, when it allegedly got stuck in ice, off the Alaskan coast – which was its original location in the 1930’s.

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photo by: BoredomTherapy
photo by: BoredomTherapy

Watch the video report about it below:

What do you think of this story? Do you think the SS Baychimo is still out there in the ocean?

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Source: TheSun Worldfactsftw

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